22 August 2010

Sufjan Stevens EP: "All Delighted People"

Courtesy BandCamp we are happy to provide TNOP readers with a full listen to all eight cuts of the new EP from Sufjan Stevens, titled All Delighted People. I'm sure young Mr. Stevens is having a bit of a laugh with us by tacking on the "EP" to the name of the record, considering we are treated to nearly 60 minutes of music. And available for purchase for only $5 USD.

<a href="">All Delighted People (Original Version) by Sufjan Stevens</a>

The tracklist:
01 “All Delighted People (Original Version)”
02 “Enchanting Ghost”
03 “Heirloom”
04 “From the Mouth of Gabriel”
05 “The Owl and the Tanager”
06 “All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)”
07 “Arnika”
08 “Djohariah"

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