02 August 2010

Rock 'n Film: "I Need That Record!"

Brendan Toller's 2008 paean to the independent record store, I Need That Record! The Death (Or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store has now been released on DVD. (We've checked Netflix and it's already in our queue.) The documentary examines the plight of the local shops in light of the takeover of the music industry by corporate media titans like Clear Channel (radio conglomerate), WalMart (mass volume physical product) and Apple (digital dominance).

The film originally made its debut on Independent Record Store Day in 2008 and then made the festival circuit Tuscon, Portland, Boston, Melbourne and Leeds. It features commentary by a host of music indie notables: Mike Watt, Thurston Moore, Patrick Carney and Patterson Hood, just to name a few. You can watch the trailer below.

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