22 August 2010

New Neil Young To Be Released 28 September (WITH UPDATES!)

From Neil Young's Facebook page Friday:

“Le Noise” is complete. It is a solo record. Playbacks are happening now. Release date is September 28th. It will be available in Vinyl, CD and I tunes in the first edition, followed by Blu-Ray, and an APP for I-Phone and I-Pad a month or so later. The app will be free. It gives you an interactive album cover. Forgive my use of the word “album”. I am old school. When you buy the songs/movies from I- tunes they show up in your APP. Peace ny

The album was produced by Daniel Lanois, who recently told Rolling Stone, "We cut a couple of solo acoustic songs, but the rest is very electric. There's no band, but I got in there with my sonics. There's nothing else out there like it."

We haven't uncovered the track listing as of yet, but during his recent tour, Young has been road-testing new songs. One strong contender is the intensely autobiographical song "Hitchhiker," which has its roots going all the way back to 1992. Here's a recent performance of "Hitchhiker" at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville (great audio):

UPDATE 23 August: TwentyFourBit has the cover art and track listing here.
UPDATE 26 August: Pop & Hiss was invited to Daniel Lanois' home for a first listen of the record. They liked it, very much.

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