18 August 2010

Delta Spirit: "Bushwick Blues"

Back in April, TNOP reported on the great show that San Diego band Delta Spirit put on as part of the Daytrotter Barnstormer 3 Tour. Their opener, "Bushwick Blues," blew us away. The group's latest album, History From Below, has been on shelves since June.

Drummer Brandon Young drives "Bushwick Blues," an intimate story of a real life relationship experienced by Matt Vasquez, Delta Spirit's singer-songwriter. Vasquez told Spinner, “‘Bushwick Blues’ is about a woman I met outside a club in New York called Pianos in 2008. She handed me a demo of her music and I was immediately smitten. A few times when I came back to New York we were able to spend some time together. We played each other songs and shared our life stores. For a long time, it was hard not to compare other women to her. I’ve since recovered.”

For the month of September, Delta Spirit sets off on a European tour.

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