20 September 2010

New Fleet Foxes Album Imminent?

Over the past few weeks, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes has posted brief, but telling, comments at the band's Facebook page. First there was the teaser that the group, winner of TNOP's 2008 Album of the Year, is planning tour dates. Then the above image appeared, spurring whispers that it may just be the cover art for an upcoming album.

Now, this: "Hey all, it's been a bit since a recording update. Well, recording is done! We are flying to New York tomorrow to mix and master the album and will have information about release date and when you'll get to hear a song or two SOON. Geologically soon but soon."

You may recall that at the end of December 2009 there was a cryptic note from Fleet Foxes promising new material in 2010. Although we've seen no other announcements for the remaining calendar year, here's hoping . . .

In the meantime, let's revisit Fleet Foxes' "Blue Ridge Mountains" from a Take Away Show courtesy of La Blogotheque.

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