07 December 2009

New Fleet Foxes In 2010

Seattle-based Fleet Foxes are recording their second full-length album and plan to release it "the second early half, or the mid-second half of 2010," band member Robin Peckhold tells The Guardian. His description of the tone and direction of the new songs? Well . . . Peckhold's explanation is about as clear as the release date. But it seems as though the boys are looking to deliver a minimally produced sound that will reflect their strong live performances.

Peckhold also grants an extended sit-down to Pitchfork and discusses his side projects as well as on-going involvement with Fleet Foxes.

Fleet Foxes' self-titled debut was TNOP's 2008 Album of the Year. To see why, revisit their performance of "Mykonos"on Saturday Night Live as well as the Take-Away Show at La Blogotheque.

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