28 September 2010

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Noms Announced

Let the grousing and lobbying begin. Whether you think it is contrary to the genre of rock and roll or not to have a "Hall of Fame," everyone's got an opinion. Including The Night Owl.

Here's the list of nominees announced for the 2011 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

Alice Cooper - Detroit rocker who brought theatricality in rock to a new level.
Beastie Boys - Pioneering samplers, rappers and musicians in their own right who helped bring hip hop to the masses.
Bon Jovi - New Jersey based pop stars who stepped out of the shadow of Springsteen and became arena concert heavyweights.
Chic - Influential dance band led by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards that can be traced to the epicenter of the disco movement in the 1970s.
Neil Diamond - Successful Brill Building pop song composer who became a solo phenomenon himself.
Donovan - English psychedelic folkie known for his own hits ("Sunshine Superman" and "Mellow Yellow" among others) and being upstaged by Dylan in Don't Look Back.
Dr. John - Originally known as 'The Night Tripper" for his Cajun-drenched gris-gris stage act, Mac Rebbenack has enjoyed a long solo career and partnered with many respected rock artists over the years.
J. Geils Band - Boston blues breakers led by the incomparable Peter Wolf.
LL Cool J - Queens rapper and actor, James Todd Smith was one of the first rappers to use a conventional song structure and move rap towards pop.
Darlene Love - Extraordinary voice who has worked with Phil Spector, Elvis Presley, U2, The Beach Boys, Johnny Rivers and Sam Cooke, among many others. Should be in the HOF for her performance of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" alone.
Laura Nyro - Bold singer-songwriter from The Bronx who was just as at home with Gershwin like melody as gut-bucket soul.
Donna Summer - Her marvelous voice helped define the disco era, selling millions of records in the process.
Joe Tex - Texas soul master who is credited with foreshadowing rap.
Tom Waits - Gravel voiced song writing genius.
Chuck Willis - "The Stroll"! "C.C. Rider"! "It's Too Late (She's Gone)"! R&B pioneer popular in the 1950s who still influences today.

While we won't get nit-picky and slag off some of the nominees named above on their day in the sun, we will make our annual complaint about the omission of the following, who did not even make the list for consideration:






Who would have been on your list?

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  1. From yr list
    The Cure and especially mr. Rundgren have been shamefully ignored by whoever these people are.
    It's thrilling to see Laura Nyro there but whatabout Richie Lee Jones? Christ.
    Until they invite all these three
    they're jokers to me