03 June 2010

"Popical Island" - New Irish Collective

TNOP County Clare correspondent Celtic Ray reports on an interesting batch of songs gathered by an Irish collective of Dublin indie bands. Dubbed Popical Island, the 15 tracks run the gamut of musical genres and tastes. Here is a mini-mix of five songs that Ray recommends, with a few comments on the bands:

<a href="">Vegetarian Girls by Popical Island #1</a>

Lie Ins - "This duo reminds me of the early days catching The Violent Femmes busking on street corners."

<a href="">Sketch! by Popical Island #1</a>

Tieranniesaur - "This playful rhythm bops along, perfect for driving on a summer day. Unpretentious, like the old Tom-Tom Club records."

<a href="">Car #9 (Nintendo Mix) by Popical Island #1</a>

I Heart The Monster Hero - "Gonzo electronica! I dare you not to groove to it."

<a href="">Is Nowhere Far Away Any More? by Popical Island #1</a>

Land Lovers - "Gentle ballad that takes a subtle left turn into Kinks-ville."

<a href="">Maybe Tonight by Popical Island #1</a>

Pantone247 - "A beautiful pop breeze that brings to mind the days of The Dream Syndicate."

You can stream the entire Popical Island compilation for the next two weeks. On 18 June it will be available in digital and physical formats. A free, all-day celebration of the record release will be held at Whelans (upstairs) in Dublin on 19 June.

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