02 June 2010

The Decemberists Recording Album #6

This e-mail from The Decemberists arrived in TNOP's in-box late yesterday. Always nice of Colin and the gang to remember to write.

Let me, the disembodied voice with which your brain voices everything you read, be the first to welcome you to this moment, this day, this glorious first day of June. In fact, I would appreciate it if you allowed this selfsame disembodied voice to take on the lilting cadence of an Italian shepherdess, speaking in a charmingly clumsy patois as you both lay supine under a Florentine sun -- you can do that for me, can't you?



In other Decemberist news, you might be pleased to know that we are currently recording what will no doubt become our SIXTH record at a barn in an undisclosed location near Portland. Our esteemed management has suggested that you might appreciate a photo documentation of this endeavor, so I conclude by attaching the following snapshot above.

Yours truly,

The Decemberists

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