15 October 2009

Good Morning Here's The News

. . .and most of it is good. . .

Mojo rates the 10 Best Rock Guitars Ever! With some cool videos of noted guitar heroes Neil Young, Peter Green, Duane Allman, Mick Ronson, Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page playing their favorite instrument to boot. What's #1? Let's just say a kid from little Waukesha, Wisconsin came up with this cool idea one day. . .

On its continued ramp up to the 25th anniversary, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame releases the 8-DVD set "Rock Hall Live." It ain't cheap - $120 for the box. Joel Francis reviews and weighs in whether its worth the tab.

Tom Waits is releasing a double-live set from his 2008 US and European tour entitled Glitter And Doom Live. His web site offers a free download of six songs, but darned if we didn't have a time and a half zipping 'em. Maybe you'll have better luck.

So much for our report the other day about Thom Yorke and Radiohead swearing off long-players. Now Ed O'Brien tells NME that "WE WILL BE MAKING AN ALBUM" (his caps, not ours). Go on lads, get in the studio, then.

Finally, we keep meaning to lead you to the Fresh Air interview Terry Gross did with Mick Jones (yes, The Clash's Mick Jones) and Tony James (ex-Generation X), now known together as Carbon/Silicon. So click here and enjoy over the noon hour or the weekend.

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