26 July 2010

Aha (Expletive Deleted) Heartbreak

In what has to be a first in rock and rock history (and heaven knows there have been a wide array of weird incidents dotting popular music's time-line), aspiring arena rockers Kings of Leon were chased off a stage last week in St. Louis three songs into their set because of . . . pigeon excrement. Moments later, an announcement over the PA at the Verizon Amphitheatre indicated that the group would not complete their show in deference to "concerns over the band's safety." The paying crowd was not pleased. Concert promoters are promising full refunds.

The Guardian, cleverly coining the gig "Top of the Plops," quoted Kings of Leon manager Andy Mendelsohn: "It was ridiculous. [Bassist] Jared [Followill] was hit several times during the first two songs, and on the third number, droppings landed near his mouth. They couldn't deal any longer. It's not only disgusting – it's a toxic health hazard."

"Don't take it out on Jared," drummer Nathan Folowill wrote on Twitter. "It's the fucking venue's fault."

Opening acts the Postelles and the Stills managed to complete their sets.

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