04 March 2010

Ultimate Singles Jukebox [Slot 113]

Morning Child
Produced by Dego & Marc Mac
Raw Canvas Records
Released 29 January 2007

Here's an irresistible pop confection that hit the charts hard in the UK but only made a blip in the States. 4hero is an electronic music collective from North London that has been producing records since the late 1980s. The leaders are Mark "Marc Mac" Clair and Dennis "Dego" McFarlane. This drum and bass crew cycles vocalists through their work resulting usually in danceable grooves.

"Morning Child" is no exception. The ringer on this record is Carina Andersson, who sounds like she's channeling a post-Motown Diana Ross. The lyrics are simple, celebrating the wonder of a new child entering the world and the promise it always brings. The beat is solid and the tune soars, staying with you to the end of the three and a half plus running time. It's a great song to blast in the car, one that can always bring a smile and tapping fingers on the steering wheel, mimicking the drum line.

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