01 March 2010

David Byrne Tour Doc To Premiere

In 2008, David Byrne & Brian Eno released one of the year's most critically praised albums, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. Byrne - but not Eno - undertook a lengthy tour in support of the CD, highlighting his body of work with the ex-Roxy Music/producer extraordinaire as well as Talking Heads compositions.

Now a documentary of the tour preparation and live dates entitled Ride, Rise, Roar, directed by David Hillman Curtis, is to premiere in Austin at the SXSW Festival in March. The trailer for the film can be viewed here; behind the scenes stuff and Eno himself seem to be a part of it all. The inevitable echoes of Stop Making Sense will most likely fill many articles about the new documentary, but given Byrne's talent for expressing himself in various media it will be surprising if this movie is simply a drab chronicling of the tour. After all, he's already weighed in with an entertaining yarn on time spent on his two-wheeler in between various whistle stops.

With this news, TNOP has an excuse to play its Best Song of 2008:

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