21 February 2010

Just Like A Paper Tiger

From TNOP Worldwide Headquarters, here's the news . . .

The last of the Rick Rubin produced acoustic compilations from the late Johnny Cash, American VI: Ain't No Grave, arrives in stores and on-line on 26 February. Two pieces on the record and its origins are worth your time: James Reed in The Boston Globe and Greg Kot in the Chicago Tribune.

The reviews on the new Peter Gabriel album have been quite positive, and now the focus will switch to the "flip side" of the Scratch My Back project, presumably titled I'll Scratch Yours. Gabriel talks to Uncut about one particular song, Radiohead's "Street Spirit," and whether Thom Yorke intends to return the favor. Stay tuned.

One of our musical heroes, Randy Newman, took the stage in Los Angeles Friday night for one of his all-too-rare live performances. Pop & Hiss was there.

When we first were introduced to Billy Bragg back in the early 1980s, he was rattling The Man's cage. Not surprisingly, he still is now that he's "some grey-haired 52 year old geezer." The Times of London provides a lengthy profile on the British singer-songwriter who was selected to bring the long-ago lyrics of Woody Guthrie to the public with Wilco.

And speaking of Standing Up To The Man, Part II: Bruce Springsteen fans went to court and successfully obtained a judgment against Ticketmaster for over one million (pinky finger to lips here, please) dollars. Seems the company most known to fans for charging mysterious fees essentially scalped their own tickets. Maybe that's why the moment you log on to try to get tickets when they go on sale you're locked out . . .

And speaking of Trying To Stick It To The Man IV: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Gil Scott-Heron is back with a new album. And he's got alot to say to the Telegraph.

Spoon's Brit Daniel and Jim Eno talk to NPR's Bob Boilen about the band's new record, Transference.

Crawdaddy remembers gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson on the fifth anniversary of his death. Obligatory Dylan mention included.

Saunter over to MBV and take a listen to the new single from Tracey Thorn, one of favorite voices from her days with Everything But The Girl and Massive Attack. "Oh The Divorces!" takes a nice Joni Mitchell route, accompanied by piano and strings. We're looking forward to Love and Its Opposite, dropping on 18 May (Merge).

Spinner brings us "In Living Color: 20 Important Black Rockers Past and Present."

Santogold and Devo together on record? So says

And on that odd note, TNOP signs off, but not without wishing our friends at Muzzle of Bees a very Happy 5th Birthday.

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