24 February 2010

Jeff Buckley, On The Verge

Like many music fans, TNOP has long been an avid listener of the radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic from KCRW-FM in Santa Monica. Much like the old John Peel BBC programme, the show regularly calls attention to the up and coming artists in the pop music world.

On 28 July 1994, host Chris Douridas half-heartedly allowed Jeff Buckley and his band into the studio for a 40 minute live set. Douridas said that even though a fellow DJ had hosted Buckley six months earlier for an acoustic set, he had no idea who Buckley was, much less that he was the son of a fairly famous musician (the latter much to Jeff's delight); his feeling was that Columbia Records was throwing its weight around, trying to get exposure for a another new artist in their stable.

It's a stunning performance and entertaining interview. The seminal album Grace would be released a month later.

"Mojo Pin"
"Corpus Christi Carol"
"So Real"
"Lover, You Should've Come Over"
[Accompanied by: Mick Grondahl (bass); Michael Tighe (guitar); Matt Johnson (drums)]

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