24 May 2010

Rock 'n Film: "Upside Down: The Creation Records Story"

Intrepid TNOP UK Music Correspondent Miles Gallagher reports that the long in the works documentary on noted English indie label Creation Records will actually be released soon after some aborted debut dates. Although the official Creation site last commented on the project back in November of last year, a new, extended trailer of the film, titled Upside Down, has now hit the internet (view it by clicking here).

For the uninitiated, Creation (with the memorable motto "Doing It For The Kids") was founded in London in 1983 by Alan McGee, Dick Green and Joe Foster. It introduced the music listening public to such seminal bands as Primal Scream, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, and -- most notably -- Oasis. The former managing agent of Creation, Tim Abbot, revealed to The Guardian the label's unusual method of making sure new bands came on board: "We often used to drink and drug the bands into submission." In the most famous example of Oasis, after the initial bond formed, Abbot said, Noel Gallagher was frog-marched to the pub where, unsurprisingly, all involved got "stuck into a session." 1994's Definitely Maybe became a critical and commercial success, followed by (What's The Story) Morning Glory? which was the biggest selling British album of the '90s.

Despite the success of its prize band as well as others mentioned above, and even though half of the company was sold to Sony in 1992, Creation still lurched financially from one crisis to another. "We were always skint," said Abbot. "It was like spinning plates, we were always trying to dodge the bailiffs. It couldn't go on like that." Creation Records dissolved in 1999.

No word on whether a soundtrack will be released in conjunction with the documentary.

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