10 May 2010

Prince Meets Miles, 31 December 1987

TNOP's intrepid Jazz & Pop correspondent Miles Gallagher recently tracked down this elusive footage of Miles Davis jamming on stage with Prince on New Year's Eve back in 1987. With the help of our French interpreter (tip of the hat to MER), here's the description accompanying the video:

Historic concert in Minneapolis makes for a princely new year in 1987. Miles loved Prince and vice-versa. We talked about it, we dreamt it, we heard the jam sessions on the bootlegs which were quickly taken out of circulation. Four years ago Prince Rogers Nelson was talking about releasing the tapes, but nothing came of it. Here we see it -- and hear it -- finally this meeting at the summit with Miles Davis and Prince. For the appearance, go directly to the 56th minute.

The rest of the filmed concert is vintage Prince, so of course it's worth checking out. The performance is a direct line to the dynamic soul revue of James Brown & His Famous Flames in the 1960s.

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