17 November 2009

(RED) Holiday CD

Here's an idea to ignite your holiday spirit and feed your rock 'n roll jones at the same time. Starting today, spend $15 at your local Starbucks and receive a four-song CD of unique tunes (preview here) that will benefit the (RED) Global Fund and the Fight Against AIDS in Africa. The tracks include:
  1. Playing For Change, "All You Need Is Love" - a reggaefied version of The Beatles anthem tinged with some Cajun flavor.
  2. U2, "I Believe In Father Christmas" - the Dubliners' take on the Emerson, Lake & Palmer holiday tune. Author Greg Lake is impressed, by the way.
  3. Dave Matthews Band, "You & Me (Acoustic)"
  4. John Legend, "(RED)Emption Song" - cover of the Bob Marley classic.

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