16 December 2010

Happy Christmas, Eh?

Good day, eh. Today's topic: "The Twelve Days of Christmas," courtesy of two hosers from the Great White North, brothers Bob & Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas of the epic 1980s classic cult TV series SCTV). So grab a Molson, don your touk and cook up some back bacon. In the holiday spirit, TNOP brings you a seasonal gem.


  1. Was SCTV the greatest show ever? Then of course there was The Kids in the Hall! Catherine O'Hara, Joe Flaherty, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Martin Short the list goes on and on. Time to reorder the Netflix cue and give the boy a Christmas vacation education........
    I want to be a Canuck...

  2. I've made a little related fun: a raucous, original "Christmas carol" that I've turned into a music video that's irreverent and sacrilegious, but more importantly, will have you humming along as the Bailey's spurts out your nose. "It's Christmas! Let's Shop for Jesus" is 1:20 seconds, and I'm hoping that you could take a look/listen. Then, after you mop up the Bailey's, please consider posting it. It's timely, it's catchy, and, above all, it's fun.

    Thanks for being there.

    Solidarity in Fine Leg Wear,

    Commander Pants