04 October 2010

Wilco Start Work On New Album

Wilco plan on starting work on a new album by the end of October. Multi-instrumentalist and group member Pat Sansone (pictured left, above, with other band mates and a noted fan) is quoted in the Los Angeles Times : "We're taking a couple of weeks off. When I get back toward the end of [the] month, we're getting back together to start working, to start the first writing sessions for the record. We've done a little bit of brainstorming, but the real work is going to begin at the end of [the] month."

A couple of months ago, the Chicago-based band announced its separation from record label Nonesuch, hinting that it might try a new business platform to promote and sell future recordings, a la Radiohead's In Rainbows. "I know some of the guys in Radiohead and talk to them, but our manager pays more attention to the[ir] business models than I do," Wilco founder Jeff Tweedy was quoted as saying. "When Radiohead streamed their album and let people pay what they wanted, I thought that was similar to what we had been doing for years, but we didn't take the money because we were on a major at the time; we ended up giving the money to charity."

Tweedy added: "Everyone made a big deal of it, but it seemed like such a no-brainer to me. The record is going to leak anyway and people are going to download it at some point before it comes out, [that] you might as well make something rather than make nothing."

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