01 April 2010

Ascending: Free Energy

[Ed. note: Here's the latest entry from our UK correspondent, Mr. Miles Gallagher.]

Every now and then, it happens: a band reaches out and grabs you. In my recent case it is an American band - a Philadelphia quintet via Minneapolis - called Free Energy, of all things. Bass, drums, guitar, no synth. And a producer of their upcoming debut album not known for his love of guitar, James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem).

I've been lazering the bits of their tracks the last few days. Following is a primer:

Start with the cut "Dream City" from (surprise) NME's site (scroll down past MGMT).

Next, catch Free Energy in a studio session courtesy of Minneapolis' The Current.

And a final listen on Fader: try "Something In Common." Simple, straightforward, and optimistically in tune with the season.

Bonus encores:

And here's raw home video of the boys rocking it out at the CMJ Festival back in October 2009:

Free Energy at CMJ from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.

2 April Update: Free Energy plays upcoming concert dates in Buffalo, Detroit, Madison (WI), Cambridge (MA) and Brooklyn.